About Moses


Love, pleasure and curiosity define and motivate me.

Culinary creation and the mixing of genres have fascinated me since childhood.

My mixed origins, between Africa and Europe, are my inspiration.

Graduated from a hotel school, I worked in the kitchens of major European palaces in Cameroon. In 2002, when I arrived in France, I decided to go back to school to obtain a CAP in cooking.

My professional career took place in great gastronomic restaurants in France and abroad. I have had the pleasure of working with Hervé Dindin (three-star chef, Master Chef of France since 2013), Michel Roth (two stars in the Michelin guide), François Adamski (Bocuse d’or, Best Worker of France and starred at the Gabriel restaurant in Bordeaux), not forgetting Michel Guerard (three stars in the Michelin guide), during the cooking competition “Terre de génie d’Aquitaine”, but also during events such as “Repas Étoilés” or “Les Épicuriales”.

I have seen the weight of tradition in French gastronomic cuisine despite its mixed population.

My service of “Event Catering, advice and training” was then born. I set out to reinvent gastronomy by combining my passion, creativity and colours with explosions of flavours from my cultural and gustatory richness.