FRAMBOISE MANGUE traiteur, it’s also : 

An accompaniment in the creation of concepts of Mixed and Afro-Caribbean cuisine, the follow-up, the improvement of their production every day thanks to our partners.

Elaboration of mixed and Afro-Caribbean gourmet and innovative dishes in the image of your concept as part of the construction of a balanced menu.

Secrets and tricks to work on your products and dress your plates to improve their visual appearance (colours, volumes, textures).

Technical training of your teams in the new dishes on the menu and development of their skills (organization, creativity, know-how and autonomy).

The creation of the plans of your new kitchen in partnership with your architect, respecting the forward step, the imperatives of the place, the concept and the menu.


Shooting photo

  • Our culinary photographer, accompanied by the chef, will illustrate your menu with shots of your dishes.

Outils de gestion 

  • Elaboration and provision of data sheets allowing to optimize the material cost of a recipe and to define its selling price.

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