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« I was born and raised in Cameroon, more precisely in Douala, in the Deido district. From a very young age, I used to cook after school, on weekends and school holidays, to make some pocket money. I went to different administrative areas during the week to sell my dishes. And on weekends, I did the same at the Deido market. I was a street food vendor. To attract attention of potential customers, I would loudly shout out the dishes I carried in my pots.  Years passed… I have since evolved in the world of cooking in Cameroon and then in France. Offering this service today with « LE SAWA TOQU » is a real return to my roots for me.
I thank you for your confidence and I am waiting for you to discover my creations. »


Chef et Fondateur


LE SAWA TOQU, acts in order to reduce its environmental impact by following an  ECO-SUSTAINABLE and responsible approach. From sourcing from our suppliers to delivery and packaging, we use reusable containers and avoid waste and single-use packaging as much as possible.

All the ingredients of our dishes are of vegetable origin and from Africa for our exotic products (spices, condiments, plantain banana, manioc, yam, sweet potato, vegetable leaves, taro etc…).
We recover reusable containers for a 1€ rebate for each next order.



Your safety and that of our teams is our top priority..
In these exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, all sanitary measures are taken to prepare and deliver your lunch basket orders while protecting you


Take care of your employees at the office
• At home for those who are teleworking
• Surprise them at meetings with new and exciting flavours



– Ecological awareness
– Contribution to environmental protection
– Waste volume reduction
– Recyclable, washable and reusable glass container for your next orders and deliveries
– Bamboo and kraft cutlery and drinking glass
– Delivery to work
– Delivery to the homes of your employees during meetings
– Surprise your employees with new taste sensations
– All our meal trays are complete


– The complete classic formulas at 16.50 €.
– The classic formulas at 10.00 € : starter / main course and roll, or starter / dessert and roll, or main course / dessert and roll.
– The complete organic Vegetarian formulas at 19.00 €.
– Organic vegan formulas at 15.00 € : starter / main course and bread ( + 1.00 € extra charge ), or starter / dessert and bread roll, or main course / dessert and bread roll.

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VAT not applicable – article 293 B of the French General Tax Code (CGI)


Delivery charges applied from 5, 10 to 20€ for any order below the minimum required rate per zone.

Turquoise zone : Saint-Médard-En-Jalles,SaintAubin-de-Médoc,Salaunes, Castelneau-de-Médoc « Tuesday / Thursday ». Free delivery for a Minimum of 30€.

Yellow zone : Mérignac, Eysines, Le Haillan « Monday / Friday ». Free delivery for a Minimum of 40€.

Brown zone : Bordeaux rive gauche « Wednesday / Friday ». Free delivery for a Minimum of 80€.

Out of zone : Bordeaux métropole. Free delivery for a Minimum of 200 € from Monday to Friday.



Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

Just call 06 18 56 19 75

On the internet :, tab Le Sawa Toqué

By mail :


Delivery to your office or home.

Same day order possible before 10am. See all conditions on our website.

We are at your disposal for any special requests.

Non-contractual photos, suggestions for presentation.

For your health, eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day.


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